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Chairman, Board of Directors

Dr. Amrik S. Chattha


Dr. Harish Chander Sood


Dr. Ashok Kumar


Dr. Jagwinder S Sraow


Dr. Birjinder S Kochhar


Dr. Dharambir Batish




Dr. Jaswinder K Chattha

Dr. Charan S Nandra

Dr. Mukhtar S Nandra

Dr. Jaswant S Sachdev

Dr. Damanjit K Yakhmi

Dr. Gurinder S Grewal

Dr. Narinder S. Grewal

Ms. Rajinder K Keith





Patiala Health Foundation
Dr. Amrik S. Chattha
19 Sutton Lane
Novato, California, 49945



Patiala Health Foundation


The Patiala Health Foundation is a public charitable organization approved by the IRS on Feburary 2nd, 2004. It is registered in Hancock County, West Virginia.


The organization assists the poor by raising funds to build trauma centers in third world countries. Trauma centers built by the organization provide services for no charge to poor people and for discounted amounts to persons who cannot afford such services.


Patiala Health Foundation is a global foundation to build emergency care facilities in Patiala, Punjab India.
Patiala Health Foundation is dedicated to alleviating the lack of emergency medical services in Patiala, Punjab India. >>learn more

Fundraising Activities


Patiala Health Foundation looks to provide trauma care, arranges regular fundraising activities to support its cause. The first fund raising was done in 2005 at Steubenville Country Club, Steubenvill, Ohio where we raised roughly $ 41,000 in cash and $150,000 in pledges.


Next fund raising was held at residence of Drs. Devinder & Damanjit Yakhmi, in Springfield Ohio on April 23rd, 2006. They raised approximately $50,000 in cash & $100,000 in pledges.


Next fundraising event was again organized by our local group of alumni in Steubenville Country Club on Dec.1st, 2006. We raised around $37,000.


We also had another event organized by Dr. Ranbir Singh in a country Club in Asheboro, N.C. He raised about $25,900 in cash and pledges.


In 2007, we had a very successful fundraising event at the residence of Dr. Gurinder S. Grewal, in Tracy CA, in June and he collected more than $80,000 in cash.


More fundraisers were carried out in 2009 and 2010 where substantial amount of money was collected.


Just recently, another fundraiser was held at the residence of Dr. Jagwinder Sraow where more that $26000 was collected in cash.


next big fundraiser is being planned in new York soon.

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Upcoming Events


PMCAA Annual Meeting

Chandigarh, India

November 26-29, 2015

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